Victoria Jackson

Founder. Visionary. Entrepreneur.

Victoria Jackson, Founder of No Makeup Makeup

Meet Victoria

She started a makeup company called Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, and it changed the beauty industry forever. 

Beauty entrepreneur, Victoria Jackson first rose to prominence in the 1980s, founding her global powerhouse brand Victoria Jackson Cosmetics. Ahead of her time, she pioneered the “no makeup” makeup aesthetic that repositioned makeup as empowerment and celebrated natural beauty, irrevocably revolutionizing an industry that had been stuck in the past.

Today, she continues to be a recognized beauty industry trailblazer, leading her namesake brand and cosmetics empire, in addition to being a best-selling author, award-winning medical researcher, and super mom of three. 

The No Makeup Makeup® Story


the original minimalist

With No Makeup Makeup®, she is at it again, creating the next evolution of clean, natural-looking makeup and effortless beauty.

Beauty isn’t about layers of makeup, but about the confidence that comes from within.